The Unicorn Experience

Unicorns at your wedding

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Questions we get asked

Can they attend our wedding as ponies instead of unicorns?

Tinkerbell and Princess can be unicorns on your wedding day or they can pretend to be ponies.

Are your unicorns just for weddings with children?

Definitely not! Nearly half of the weddings that we are invited to have no children at all. Everyone loves meeting the girls.

Can I book a unicorn for a proposal?

Yes you can. Brides also invite us to help them to ask their friends to be their maid of honour and bridesmaids and children to be flower girls or page boys.

What do you do at a wedding?

We are usually at a wedding for the time between the ceremony and dinner, whilst the couple are having their wedding photographs taken. We bring unique entertainment and share several unicorn facts and secrets with your guests. The girls provide magical photo opportunities for adults and children.

Can you do something special for our child/children on the day?

Yes, if a couple has a second photographer, they often ask for individual photos to be taken of their children and our unicorns in a quiet area, while the couple are having their photographs taken, so that they have unique keepsakes. We also offer The Unicorn Horn for young children. Make sure you ask us about it.

Can we have a unicorn as a ring bearer?

Yes, you can, if your ceremony is outside.

Can we have a unicorn as a confetti bearer?

Yes, you can. Depending on the number of guests you would have one or two unicorns.

Can you offer a surprise appearance?

Yes, we are asked to attend as a surprise for guests, the couple’s child/children, the couple themselves and the bride or groom. We liaise with your venue, photographer and videographer and have telephone consultations with you to make sure that your surprise is kept a surprise.

How do we check with our venue that it's ok for you to come?

We liaise with your venue on your behalf, make a site visit and have telephone consultations with you, to make sure that everyone knows what is happening on the day.

Can you be there for the whole day?

We are often asked to visit a venue at breakfast time to meet the bride and/or groom, their family, members of the wedding party and possibly children, if they’ve stayed over the night before the wedding. Wedding robes, slippers and a few photos make a magical start to your day. We disappear and then reappear after your ceremony and stay until you are called for dinner. We are able to entertain children during dinner and during the evening too, depending on their age.

What if it rains?

It’s Scotland, so we know that the weather is very changeable, right up to the very last minute. We bring our 4.5m x 3m white event gazebo with us, to protect our unicorns and you and your guests from the hot sun or the rain. We leave the sides open so that the gazebo blends in to the venue grounds. Most couples ask for the gazebo to be plain, but some choose to ask their floral designer to incorporate the gazebo into the colour scheme or theme. We liaise with your floral designer so that it’s one less thing for you to think about.

What happen if the unicorns go to the toilet?

Our unicorn are live animals and will eat the grass (or hay that we bring if they’re on a hard surface) and will probably go to the toilet. We discuss this with your venue and we make sure that we leave no trace of us being there when we go.